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Parkinson’s disease evaluation

Parkinson’s disease evaluation – how it’s done. There is no one certain test that can give a definite diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Generally, a family physician will refer patients to a neurologist if enough symptoms suggest Parkinson’s disease. From there, a neurologist can evaluate symptoms and their severity, and use this to make a tentative

Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease

What you should know about depression and Alzheimer’s Disease. In many cases, Alzheimer’s disease patients will most often fight bouts of depression. Although depression can be directly related as a symptom of the disease, it can also be caused by factors not connected with the disease. Depression is not only one symptom of Alzheimer’s disease,

History Of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer Disease – a short history. Alzheimer’s disease, given its name after a German psychologist Alois Alzheimer, seems to be fast growing in this day and age. Unfortunately, symptoms like brain degeneration, cognitive impairment, and memory loss associated with the disease have been around for centuries. Although Alzheimers disease history enlightens us as to where

Nutrition And Alzheimer’s Disease.

Find out the importance of nutrition with Alzheimer’s Disease. Due to the many physical and emotional changes caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia, there can be a significant impact on the way a person eats or views food. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses into later stages, the entire way the patient eats can be affected

Possible causes of dementia – senility versus Alzheimer’s disease.

Possible causes of dementia – senility versus Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that tends to affect the older generations.  Alzheimer’s disease leads to the debilitation of cognitive impairment and loss of functional abilities, and unfortunately results in death of the patient.      Since senility carries some of the same symptoms